• Released October 1st 2021

    Do you wish you could use FaceID, TouchID, Windows Hello, or another biometric login type? So do we! That's why we added this as a feature!

  • Released September 20th 2021

    It's now a possiblity to use music with the templates! When you're going through the details, scroll down, and check out the humongous library of tunes made specifically for us!

  • Released July 22th 2021

    We've now added a status page that shows uptime for our various parts of the service.

  • Released July 15th 2021

    Users can now edit the name of their added feeds from their list of feeds, by mousing over the name and clicking the pencil icon that shows up.

  • We've added a bunch of new templates for your usage

  • Released April 28th 2021

    Demo feature button released. You can now try Spotboostr with the click of a single button, no sign up or anything required


  • Many people prefer to login through an existing account, be it Facebook, Google, Apple, Twitter, or even Github. We understand this, and are working on a way to let people do just that!

  • Ever used a Mac? Tried using Spotlight, and found it super useful? Well so have we, and it's a thing we're working on implementing, allowing people to use a simple keyboard shortcut to pull up a Spotlight-like box to do actions from.

  • We know, we know, the site is too dang bright, so we're working on implementing dark mode in two ways. First, the site will automatically detect what mode your device is set to. Second, we'll have a button that allows manual switching, if you prefer a bright OS but dark websites.